Mapex Tornado Rock/Fusion Kit 22" with Paiste 101 Cymbal Set

MapexSKU: 2216TORNUP-Black

Colour: Black


Mapex Tornado Rock/Fusion Kit 22" with Paiste 101 Cymbal Set 

The most consistent and reliable entry level drum kit in the market with a whole heap of new and upgraded features, the Mapex Tornado Rock/Fusion Drum Kit sets the standard others can only dream of. Widely considered the best entry level drum kit in terms of value for money and quality, this Tornado upgrade kit features everything you need to start drumming today, including a 5-piece shell pack, Paiste 101 crash and ride cymbals & pair of hi-hat cymbals and double braced hardware.

22'' x 16'' Bass Drum
10'' x 7'' Rack Tom
12'' x 8'' Rack Tom
16'' x 14'' Floor Tom
14'' x 5'' Snare Drum
200 Series Hardware including bass drum pedal
Paiste 101 Crash, Ride cymbals & pair of hi-hat cymbals

Drum Kit available in Black, Burgundy Red or Royal Blue.


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