Full Brass Band Set - New Christmas Praise




Full Brass Band Set - New Christmas Praise

A collection of 115 Christmas carols and songs arranged in a basic four-part layout.

SOPRANO: Solo & 1st Cornet Bb, Bb Melody, Flute, Melody C
ALTO: 2nd Cornet Bb, Solo & 1st Horn Eb, Alto Eb, Alto C, Alto F
TENOR: 2nd Horn Eb, Baritone Bb, Tenor Eb, Tenor Bb, Tenor C, Tenor F
BASS: Bass Eb, Bass Bb, Bass C

Other parts are employed in doubling, decoration or colouring.

The basic brass band set includes 26 part books and score over two books. You can also buy additional part books to cover your needs.

The Brass Band Set includes
Score (No. 1 - 95 Red)
Score ((No. 96 - 115 Green)
1 x Soprano Cornet
5 x Solo & 1st Cornet Bb
4 x 2nd Cornet Bb
1 x Flugel Horn
2 x Solo & 1st Horn Eb
1 x 2nd Horn Eb
2 x Baritone Bb
2 x Euphonium Bb.
1 x 1st. Trombone Bb
1 x 2nd. Trombone Bb
1 x Bass Trombone
2 x Bass Eb
2 x Bass Bb
1 x Timpani
1 x Percussion

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