Cornet FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions About Cornets


The cornet is a mainstay of the traditional British brass band but also has application within wind bands and often orchestras.

The cornet is a fantastic choice for the younger player as it is easier to hold when compared to the trumpet. Many will start on a cornet before transitioning to the trumpet when they are slightly older.


What is the best cornet to buy?

Leading manufacturers of Cornets include Yamaha, Festivo, Excel and Elkhart.


How much is a new cornet?

Prices range from roughly £165 for a student level cornet to £2,700 for a professional standard instrument.


What is the range of a cornet?

The cornet is pitched in B flat and has a practical range from F sharp3 to C6. Professionals often extend the range, attaining notes more than an octave higher.


Is a cornet in B flat?

There are two different types of Cornet, a standard Bb model and the smaller, more niche, Eb soprano version. The standard Bb is strongly recommended for first time players with the Eb used solely within brass bands. A student cornet should be suitable for most players for 2-3 years before an upgrade is considered.