Korg TM70T-BK Tuner-Metronome Combo


Color: Black


Korg TM70T-BK Tuner-Metronome Combo - Available in Black or White Finish

The Korg TM-70T is the perfect blend of tuner and metronome in one compact device. It features an LCD needle meter for accurate tuning, a clear metronome sound, and an improved display for better visibility. With a wide detection range (C1-C8), it suits various instruments. Includes a transpose function for easy tuning of wind and string instruments. Designed for durability and long battery life. Proudly made in Japan, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

    Compact design, clear display

    The TM-70T is designed to be portable and user-friendly. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, yet features an improved display for easy visibility, making it an ideal companion for musicians of all levels.

    Enhanced Tuning and Sound Quality

    The TM-70T has been fine-tuned for precision and clarity. The tuning is quicker and more accurate, essential for every performance, and the metronome sound is loud and clear, cutting through even in noisy environments.


    • Dual-functionality: High-precision tuner and versatile metronome.
    • Detection range from C1 to C8, catering to a wide variety of instruments.
    • LCD needle meter for precise and easy tuning.
    • Transpose function for F, B♭, and E♭, in addition to chromatic.
    • Compact size with an improved, easy-to-read display.
    • Clear metronome audio.
    • Calibration options for concert pitch alignment.
    • Visual markers for major and minor third intervals.
    • Sound Out and Sound Back modes for ear training.
    • Metronome with a range of 30 to 252 BPM and 15 rhythm options.
    • Long battery life: 250 hours.
    • Functions include memory backup and auto power-off.
    • Built-in foldable stand.
    • Icon-based universal design.
    • Compatible with CM-400 contact mic (sold separately) for enhanced tuning.

    User-friendly tuning

    The TM-70T is smaller than its predecessor, the TM-60, yet features a larger display for easier note and scale reading. This improvement makes tuning more straightforward and stress-free.

    - Marks for tuning to pure intervals, useful in ensemble settings.


    Sound modes for enhanced tuning

    - Sound Out mode for tuning using a reference tone.

    - Sound Back mode for comparing your pitch against a reference tone.


    Tuner features:

    - Broad range from C1 (32.70Hz) to C8 (4186.01Hz).

    - LCD needle meter for accurate, real-time pitch detection.

    - Transpose function, ideal for instruments with non-conventional tuning.


    Metronome features

    - Easy tempo setting with three methods: pendulum, full step, and tap tempo.

    - 15 built-in rhythms to suit various musical styles.

    - Cannot use some rhythms when using the tuner and metronome together.

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