Yamaha DTX6KXUK Electronic Drum Kit




The DTX6KX is one of Yamaha's newest additions to their impressive range of electronic drum kits. The DTX6KX defines the new mid-range of the line while promising professional, high-end sounds for players on a budget! Offering a combination of Yamaha's world-class acoustic drum history, with the newest technological advances in digital drumming and sampling, the Yamaha DTX6KX is every drummer's dream! 

The DTX6KX kit comes with a new sound module, the DTXPRO, which offers a totally new and improved audio quality, with new samples that were recorded in some of the best studios in Europe. You can tailor the sound of the kits to your exact needs, using the host of studio effects that comes with the DTXPRO. In addition to the 400+ internal sounds on the module, you can load up to 1000 of your own samples, giving you even more freedom to sound the way you want to sound. 

Unique to the DTXPRO modules are the Kit Modifier Knobs which allow the user to instantly change the sound of the kit by adjusting real sampled room ambience (not just digital reverb), kit compression, and other effects in real-time. Every channel also has EQ and Transient Adjustment which is usually found in studio software and allows you to change the attack and decay of the sound to suit your needs.


  • DTXPRO Sound module (x1)
  • XP80 Snare Pad (x1)
  • TP70 Tom Pad (x3)
  • PCY135 Pad (x1)
  • PCY90 Pad (x2)
  • KP65 Kick Pad (x1)
  • HH65 Hi Hat controller (x1)
  • DTX6K Rack System
  • Power adapter, Module holder, manual


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